Design Sprint

A Design Sprint at AJ&Smart is a 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days.

Why use a Design Sprint?

It’s no longer enough to have a “good quality product”, you need to have the right product.  Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is really valid. Don’t invest months of time, invest a week.

We have used Sprints to design products like the breakout success Share The Meal for the World Food Programme, Zalon for Zalando (Europe’s largest ecommerce platform) and the innovative N26 Banking app. Our clients love Design Sprints because they replace guesswork and busymaking with real, tangible progress.

What does a Design Sprint look like?

The Design Sprint is essentially a 4-day intense hackathon. On Day 1 we work in person with you, our client, to define the challenges and scope of the week. Day 2 is about deciding what challenges to prototype. Day 3 is about rapidly building the high fidelity prototype, which is then tested with real users on Day 4.

What is the exact outcome?

The outcome of every Design Sprint Week is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, and with clear insights on where to go next.

This is not a “wireframe” or a “paper prototype”, it looks and feels like a real product.

What happens after a Design Sprint?

Once you have a tangible representation of your product in your hand, and real user insights to guide your next steps, making decisions becomes a lot easier. You could use a second sprint to iterate and polish the idea, bringing it very close to production-ready, or you could use the prototype to sell the idea further and develop the concept.

And why AJ&Smart?

Working with AJ&Smart, you are plugging your company into a well-oiled product machine you would normally only find in companies like Facebook or Google. We work directly with the inventor of the Design Sprint, Jake Knapp to ensure that the Sprint we’re running is always the best version, not just what you find in the book.

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