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From Berlin to Silicon Valley: we help the best companies in the world design innovative products and services. No silly, time-wasting processes required.

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We use Design Sprints to compress work that would usually take months into days. With AJ&Smart you get to plug into a world-class product design and strategy team, no prep needed, no time wasted.
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These are not your Design Thinking courses from the 80s! We teach effective, practical and repeatable processes that work in todays rapidly changing digital world. Our programs are intense, hands-on and can be applied immediately.
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Creative problem solving is at the heart of what we do, so we actually need people from all walks of life, not just designers! So far musicians, stand-up comedians, VR nerds, pub-crawl leaders (??) and many more make up the eclectic and very sexy AJS family. Are you someone who loves solving difficult problems? Maybe you should be working here too!
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  • Tonight we're in Düsseldorf doing our Design Sprint Workshop! It is a full on, hands on, workshop that gives people a nice little glimpse into what the Design Sprint process can do! Thanks for hosting us @factorycampus !! 😘
  • 🔥🔥🔥AMAZING Monday 🔥🔥🔥 - and welcome to our new intern Tali!! #ux #productstrategy #mondaymotivation #entrepreneurgermany
  • During this week we'll be working on a internal sprint to create a scalabe, minimum 2 MILLON € product, by the end of this year 😎 We have already so many great ideas, so excitiiing! 💪💪💪
  • MAJOR JONATHAN RANT: 🔥🔥🔥THE BIGGEST MISTAKE AMATEUR DESIGNERS MAKE: complaining that people don't "get it". Listen up: it's not your client/colleagues responsibility to "get" what you're showing them, it's not their responsibility to "know what they want". It's yours!
  • Using the Design Sprint enables everybody to have a say in the project. So if you have a mix of introverts and extroverts on your team, it's the perfect process. In the Sprint process, everyone’s voice is heard - from the intern to the CEO. Because all the solutions are proposed anonymously! It truly takes all the headache out of team work and allows for true, genuine collaboration. It’s freaking beautiful. 😚 So no matter how "loud" you are, you will always be heard.☇ To read more about it, check out our blog!
  • Insider view of the #Sprint room! ☇☇☇ At the end of every Thursday we have a huge board of feedback from our user tests. We have to then break it down and deliver a succinct summary to the client, along with our recommendations moving forward. 💪💪
  • It was all smiles here today with a packed office!!! This is literally how close we were working. And it was a hot day... 😉👌
  • Venla had the chance to visit the lovely @shopify office last week - it was super inspiring! Thanks for having us 🙂
  • Look how concentrated everyone is! Killin' it 😎 Currently they're developing all the screens to eventually put together in the prototype for our user tests tomorrow... Hard work! 💪
  • Look at these two creeps!! We were shooting some new videos around beautiful Berlin today! Check out our YouTube Channel for some useful/ridiculous videos on Product Design! ✨link in bio✨BUT FIRST: CAPTION THIS PLEASE.
  • This afternoon our Sprint team is STORYBOARDING! It's an intense 3-4 hour session that requires all hands on deck! Because we don't do wire-framing, we need the storyboard to be as detailed as possible to allow a smooth prototyping day. HAZA!
  • 2nd day of the sprint, woohoo! 🎉🎉🎉 The sprint team is about to draw THE STORYBOARD! This step is usually kinda tricky, so we improved it adding a quick exercise that helps us to figure out all the screens of the prototype. 💪 Want to read more about it? Check our 'Storyboard 2.0' article in our blog for more insights about this step! 😎
  • At AJS we take #fitness very seriously! 💪💪💪 3 days a week we have free fitness programs for all employees. Just because you work an office job doesn't mean you should give up your health! 💋 Thanks @escapistcrossfit for today's pump!!! #healthyworkplace #healthylifestyle
  • Another workshop coming at ya! This time for a lovely event group called #productmonday 😍 Check out our stories to see what we're up to! 💪
  • Our newest member to join the AJS team! He's cool, he's casual, he's @kittproudfoot 🎉 Kitt's joining our content team, so get ready to see a lot more of him! 🤗SAY, HI KITT🤗
  • Today is the start of an iteration sprint! We're taking our results from last week and refining our solutions! 🤠BOOYA🤠
  • For more videos on Design Sprints, Product Design and Innovation CHECK OUT OUR SUPER COOL YOUTUBE CHANNEL! That's right, we're Youtubers now too 😎 Link in Bio!🤘
  • Don't focus on ideas, concentrate on the execution! 😎 Here at AJ&Smart, we first focus on quantity and not on the quality of the ideas. Then we use our process to curate them and decide on the ones we should refine! 💪
  • AAAH IS THURSDAY AGAIN???? 😰 So that means...User Testing DAAAY! 💪💪☄ The #SprintTeam is using the #SprintRoom to interview our lovely testers❤❤❤
  • Guess who's working the hardest? #selfiemania
  • Finding user testers: Today we have to build the entire prototype AND find user testers for tomorrow's tests (starting at 10am). Usually we use Facebook ads, forums, our personal networks, etc. But this week our demographic isn't so accessible, which means we have to do a little "thinking outside the box" to make it happen. Will we pull through?! WE ALWAYS DO 💪💃🏻
  • Headphones are on, laptops are plugged in, IT'S PROTOTYPING DAY! 🤖🤘
  • HURRY!! Like and comment on this post for a chance to win a SILICON VALLEY STARTER KIT! Which includes Tools of Titans by @timferriss and the best water bottle out there... from @camelbak WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW! 🚀💃🏻☀️
  • We are really passionate about NEVER DOING BUSY WORK. EVER. When you pay for a design agency, most often, at least 50% of your budget is going to "busywork". Weeks of research and benchmarking? You don't need it, and we don't do it. It's a core principle of ours to stay lean and fast, not ever wasting time or budgets. SO THERE 💪🏼

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No Busy-Work

When you pay for a design agency, at least 50% of your budget is going to “busywork”. This is simply work that keeps the agency employees busy, but has absolutely no value for you. Do you really think 3 weeks of research and benchmarking is really neccesary? No, it’s not and they know it too.

Yeah, we know that design agencies don’t like when we point this out, but it's true: The large-scale, complicated hierarchies and superstar creative directors that were once key to agencies’ successes are now exactly what’s putting them in the ground. As agencies struggle to “go digital” and adapt their existing structure to a world that no longer has time to hang around and wait for them to get it right, we ask “Why should a project take 6 months, when it could take 8 days?”

As the antithesis of the traditional Design Agency, AJ&Smart has been lean and digital from day one. Using a core team of just 10 employees; AJ&Smart is dedicated to creating the best products and services, without wasting your time or budget. No busy-work, promise.