Design Sprint Bootcamp

We teach you everything you need to learn to run your own Design Sprint in 2-highly interactive, hands-on days. Come to one of our public events or set up training for your organisation. Check out all our upcoming public events here.

90% of all participants rated our bootcamp 10/10!

“It was intense, very inspiring. I really need to show this exercises within my company, it was very useful. I’m sure I will run design sprints in my team soon!”

— Julia Rosich, Babbel

“The Design Sprint Bootcamp was very inspiring, hands-on and full of useful ideas, methods and solutions!

— Andrea Pashayan, Velvet Machine

” It was the best workshop that I ever been to – thanks again AJ&Smart!”

— Sharon Sciammas, Troostwijk Auctions

For Individuals

Join our world-famous training workshops in Berlin and San Francisco.

For Organizations

We train the top companies in the world to make better products and services – faster. Get in touch with Danny for a chat about our Bootcamps: danny(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) | Mobile: +49 178 1984 160

Who should attend?

The Design Sprint Bootcamp is NOT only for designers! Anybody involved in the creation of products or introduction of innovation processes in your company would benefit.

“Our designers learned AJ&Smart’s lean processes. They are now able to conceptualise, design and validate new products very fast, with very little waste.

– Christian Rebernik, CTO, N26

“Being part of AJ&Smart’s design process was revelatory. I haven’t found a more enjoyable agency to work with.”
– Till Juchheim, MOVMNT Product Manager

What you will learn?

  • How a Design Sprint looks from start to finish
  • Updated exercises and techniques that smoothen the process
  • Tactics for integrating the Sprint into your company

Why this is the BEST Design Sprint Workshop?

At AJ&Smart we offer something very different when it comes to training. We teach methods you can actually use immediately to improve the way your team and company works.

It’s because we’re not a training company – we build award-winning products, better and faster than everybody else, so we can teach what works.

Tangible, not just Theoretical

We hate talk without action, so we especially hate training programs that focus on teaching theoretical approaches that are impossible to apply to real-life situations. Our training workshops are intense, hands-on and not just a fun day off work. (Although, to be honest, they are pretty fun too!)

Learn and have fun!

We take our after-workshop get together’s as seriously as our Bootcamps.

Don’t expect anything less than a Magic show from Andrej or getting a Samba dance lesson from Bruna.

Want to learn more about the Sprint process?