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Myles Clemones

Great time updating my skills and deepening my under-standing of the Design Sprint 2.0 methodology with ex-Googler and Sprint Creator Jake Knapp, alongside Jonathan Courtney and Dee Scarano from AJ&Smart.

Chere Chete

I recently became a huge AJ&Smart fan while researching Design Thinking - I’m almost finished taking the Design Sprint Masterclass, and I used one of our team’s challenges  to practice each of the exercises (by myself).

 All the exercises are easy to do, you’ve simpilfied everything, made it so easy it understand and try. I am thrilled to have your support - I can truly say I am learning how to run a design sprint in a way that I can actually implement it. 

The Decision Jams are a great first step and are helping me to gain confidence and to introduce the idea to others.

Bill Alexy

Last Thursday we ran a two hour decision jam. Since I have permission and the purpose and client are obscured I thought I’d share the outcome here. I owe so much to the book Sprint and the generosity of AJ&Smart. For the sake of selling this jam we called it a Design Jam. It’s basically the solution sketching part of the full sprint squeezed bet-ween the beginning and ending steps of the decision jam. 

The problem, other than the design issue we were tackling, was the slowness of decisions and constant iterations we were building to accomodate their brillant Chief Marketing Officer. The project was poorly scoped. We warned our client of the problem that they weren’t forecasting how large this project was (we are subcontarcting to a development consultancy) and we all prepared for the eventual chaos. 

With the right communication and gentle reminders we were able to take advantage of the situation with the full support of our client and the business that hired us. The result was very positive. Thank you AJ&Smart Design Sprint Masterclass, Jonathan, Dee, and Laura for the positive energy you extude, the business value you bring, and dedication to your craft.

Catherine Licavoli

 it was super nice, well AWESOME really, that you, the team and Jake created content and designed this course that's this good! I'm feeling very inspired and grateful to have found this and to be taking the course right now. I'm LOVING IT! and practically high fiving you guys every time I read through the info in each course section and download the materials.

My product design and facilitation toolbox is looking like one a design superhero would have now!  And as someone that's written training course content for some of Detroit's big 3 ( Ford and FCA) and has read every UX design and product design book I can get my hands on, my heart signs seeing how well written, organized, designed, engaging, relevant, timely practical, tactical and useful this content is for the real world for product design teams and sprint facilitators.  It's masterful and lives up to the title of Design Facilitation MASTERS class! Thank you and hat's off to you guys for creating something this outstanding and for the incredible impact this course is going to have on so many peoples careers!

David Holl

I just finished the Masterclass and holy hell* was it great! Thank you. I’ve run a dozen or so sprints in the past (all in-house) and this course gave me so much new useful information. I’m excited to get out there and start selling sprints. I’ll add some notes and questions I wrote while watching in the comments.

* I’m in America, so I edited out all the swear words 😉

Felipe Pontes

👏👏👏1000 Slaps!👏👏👏  

Just finished a 3-day Design Sprint (15 hours in total) for a big Japanese telecom company at US$ 20,000! 🗾⛩🚀

We’re running sprints mainly in Japan now, but we’re also open to doing it all over Asia. If you need any help around here, feel free to hit me up!

Lisa Lee Hamilton

Y’all (I’m from Texas..), if you’ve been to the fence about purchasing the Design Sprint Masterclass, take my advice 

- do it. Do it now. Over the last six months, I’ve run five design sprints. I’m in Human Resources, and we’ve been working on program designs using the design sprint. I’ve been self-taught using all the open source info out there, and of course AJ&Smart YouTube videos.

However, this week, I ran my first design sprint, based on the content from the Masterclass and WOW… my confi-dence, the outcome, the participant experience was all wonderfull. AJ&Smart - y’all have done us all wonderful service by offering this class, and I’ll be referencing it many times over.

So, y’all. Buy it. Happy Friday, Happy Sprinting!

Sabrina Goerlich

After 25 years working as a deisgn agency, I finally closed the gap between creative design and viable business solu-tions that work. I’m entirely convinced about the design sprint which I’ve learned at AJ&Smart.

Judith Cardenas

Thank you Jonathan Courtney, Laura Faint and the entire team. I successfully worked with a group last week in Ohio and the results were amazing. Thank youu !!!!

Shenja Jeworek

Look at that box of awesomesness that I just received 🎉🤟🏻Thanks so much ❤️

Teddy Wilhelm
Hello hackers from all over the world !
Just wanted to share with you my experience with the Design Sprint Masterclass I completed last week. 

Before taking the course, I mainly learned Design Sprint based on the book and all the content available online. But I can assure you that this course brings a whole new level of knowledge on how to run Sprints in a much more efficient way and also how to sell it in a better way.

It’s so great to hear the change in your potential clients reactions when you use the right arguments to convince them about the benefits of running Design Sprints! So definitely thanks to the AJ&Smart team for the great advices about how to sell the Design Sprint ! 

Now I’m feeling more than ready to rock future Design Sprints armed with all the facilitation tips from the course, so thanks again to Jonathan, Dee and all the team of AJ&Smart, you killed it !
Oh and by the way, Jonathan and Dee are just crazy funny and refreshing, seriously check it out !
Cheers from France !
Feedback from an Anonymous Student Survey
"I used the resources you provided as a basis for creating and running an event with 9 parallel design sprints at once. It was so well received that we have scheduled two more in the next six months. A big thanks to you guys (and Jake) for the inspiration and guidance along the way!”
"Excellent course. I love the AJSMART silly humor alongside great training. The community and availability of the team to answer questions is a definite differentiator.”
"Masterclass material is fantastic. The course curriculum or even the process itself is very customizable. Thanx so much for doing this!"
"Super thought out and well presented course that’s easy to follow and dip back into when needed...Nice work you guys. Pretty rockstar team you have there.”
"Adding this to my professional identity and brand has been a great advantage to me as a UX/product designer, in terms of my ability to speak to the process, use the process and my work, and act as a resource to others. The community is also incredibly helpful and one of the most valuable parts of the experience for me. I would love to see more community building opportunities developed :)”
"Hi team! Thank you so much for a life-changing training. I owe you a video testimonial and want to continue to be a champion for this amazing group."

"You rock, guys!"
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